Work Experience at MD Info Tech


I am currently on a 3 month work placement here in order to expand my knowledge of web design and gain a better insight into IT. I have chosen this work placement because I feel that I can both improve my own skills and develop the ideas of MD Info Tech even further.

During my time here, I have learnt numerous things which have allowed me to better my understanding in the field of IT. For example, I now know how to upload articles and pictures onto specific websites such as the Lady Fatemah Trust. This has been very beneficial as in the future I will be able to manage websites and upload different items onto it. It may sound boring but really, it’s not!

In this process, I have learnt many different things about myself. I find that I am very quick to criticise other websites but I only do this in order to modify clients’ choices in design so that they are able to have an improved end product!

I would definitely recommend this experience to other students at school, like me, because it has been a very informative process. Even though it is hard to juggle school and ‘work,’ it is useful as I have gained a lot in terms of my IT skills. Hopefully it can be a base for my career in the future!

By mdinfotech

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