ColarApp – turning 2D into 3D for free!


Only in movies like Toy Story have I ever seen animations being brought to life before. Now there’s an app which does it for childrens’ drawings developed by the HIT Lab NZ and it’s called Colarapp. This is the latest in reality animation apps, which allows children to watch their 2D colouring page turn into 3D with the use of the app. First you download and print a colouring page from Colar’s website which you colour in using colour pencils or crayons etc. There are various pictures to choose from including planes, teddybears, birds and dragons. You then take your phone and point it at the picture and within seconds the app animates the drawing to life. Special features of the app include a zoom facility as well as the ability to view your drawing from different angles. At present the app only works for pictures downloaded from Colar App’s website but who knows what the future holds! 

For a free App, this is definitely one of the better ones in my opinion. It’s available on iPhone or Android, and can be downloaded directly from their website:

By mdinfotech

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