Extending the joy of Christmas to all


Last month we highlighted the potential dangers of 3D Printers following an incident where 3D Printer gun parts were found at a raid in Manchester. However, this month we observe a positive use for them as one charity, The Charity Kids Company adopted the technology to print Christmas toys for impoverished children in the UK. Through a new scheme “Print Happiness”, a shop in Soho with six 3D printing machines was opened to the public from 13th December – 18th December. Members of the public had the opportunity to select a toy to print and then watch the toy being printed whilst contributing a £5 donation to the scheme. There were six toys to choose from ranging from Wallace and Gromit Characters to designs by Tado and Triclops as well as Ultimaker. The toys that were generated were then subsequently distributed to over 4,000 children on Christmas day.

This inspiring initiative demonstrates how modern technology can be used in very positive ways when put in the right hands. Thousands of children were given a proper Christmas for the first time ever and experienced the feeling of opening a present on Christmas day, something most of us are accustomed to year in year out.

By mdinfotech

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