3D Printers; will they ever replace 2D ones?

3d printers

A few months back you may have a read a blog post on the novel technology that is 3D Printers. Do you think they should become a mainstream household commodity or is it better they stay in the commercial and industrial sectors for the forseeable future?

Adverts claim they improve quality of life, help relive the past and turn ideas into realities. However in a recent raid in Manchester, 3D printer gun parts were found at the scene. There are relatively few firearms now in circulation because of strict laws in place, and so paying £1000 for a 3D Printer and building a gun is a relatively easy way to obtain one. Added to the fact, if 3D Printers go down in price, and rumour has it they will, it is slightly frightening to think what they might be used for in the wrong hands.

I think the dangers of this super-powered printer do need to be considered before it is rolled out, otherwise we risk the use of them being used for guns, explosives, bombs and who knows what else…

By mdinfotech

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