What makes an Advertising Campaign effective?

Advertising campaigns for businesses are now more important than ever in order to succeed in the competitive driven market place of today. With multiple businesses all offering similar services, an award winning advert could be the feature which makes you stand out from the rest. But with so many different platforms available from TV, newspapers and magazines to social networking sites, email campaigns and websites, it can be confusing to know where to begin. We propose using the below five questions as a guideline to help you decide which campaign to choose:

  • Which type of campaign will best reflect your organisation?
  • What is the demographic of the audience you want to attract?
  • Are there any budget constraints which must be adhered to?
  • What is the proposed duration of the campaign?
  •  How will the success of the campaign be monitored?

One of the common mistakes many people make is not keeping it simple. Your advert should have a clear purpose and message if you want it to be effective. A good example to illustrate this is the recent video campaign created to promote Google India which has received more than 4 million hits on Youtube. It depicts the story of two childhood friends who were separated during the partition of India and Pakistan. Their grandkids use the Google Search Engine to track down the whereabouts of the other’s location and reunite the two long lost friends. This three minute clip is just one example of how advertising can be a really powerful tool if utilised correctly. You can view this clip below:

It is worth investing the time into finding the advertising methods which work best for your business. Often it is a case of trial and error and what works for one business may not necessarily work for another but with a bit of persistence it is possible to yield the results you’re looking for.

By mdinfotech

Apple; a legacy or just an overpriced brand


Apple is an American corporation with headquarters in California. Until 1997, its main area of specialisation was computers but that all changed on January 9, 2007 with the introduction of the iPhone by Steve Jobs. It has seen global success with its range of innovative products including iPhones, iPod touches and iPads.

There is no disputing that  Apple’s brand loyalty is quite extraordinary. Store openings often draw in crowds of thousands when news travels of the release of a new product. Research by Net Ratings has shown Apple Inc. products were more expensive than other PC products with similar specifications, which forces us to ask the question, “Why are they still selling so well?”

According to Apple’s current CEO, Tim Cook, Apple doesn’t want to sacrifice quality for price. Users can expect a truly unique experience when they enter an Apple store. They can test the products out and browse the Internet with no obligation to buy. This more relaxed environment allows users to try before they buy which supposedly offers another layer of convenience.

However, many will argue that following the sad death of Steve Jobs, there has been very little innovation from one Apple generation product to the next. So are users simply paying for the brand and the chance to carry around an icon? Or is there something more to Apple’s legacy?

By mdinfotech

3D Printers; will they ever replace 2D ones?

3d printers

A few months back you may have a read a blog post on the novel technology that is 3D Printers. Do you think they should become a mainstream household commodity or is it better they stay in the commercial and industrial sectors for the forseeable future?

Adverts claim they improve quality of life, help relive the past and turn ideas into realities. However in a recent raid in Manchester, 3D printer gun parts were found at the scene. There are relatively few firearms now in circulation because of strict laws in place, and so paying £1000 for a 3D Printer and building a gun is a relatively easy way to obtain one. Added to the fact, if 3D Printers go down in price, and rumour has it they will, it is slightly frightening to think what they might be used for in the wrong hands.

I think the dangers of this super-powered printer do need to be considered before it is rolled out, otherwise we risk the use of them being used for guns, explosives, bombs and who knows what else…

By mdinfotech