MAD services. Out now at MD Info Tech + Must-have apps for android

For those of you who are wondering, we are NOT crazy. MAD actually stands for Mobile App Development, a new service that MD Info Tech are launching.

1.5 billion people in the world have smartphones and the average smartphone user has around  41 apps. In other words, apps have become the new platform for business. So why not use this to your advantage?

MD Info Tech has already created apps for clients and have proved to be a success. Here’s an example of an app we created:


Our apps are available to be created for platforms such as iOS and Android. But that’s enough about us talking about ourselves. Here are the top 10 Apps you need for your smartphone (Android):

1. WhatsApp (free)

If you haven’t heard of WhatsApp and you have a smartphone, you should start to worry. WhatsApp is a free messaging service that uses the internet instead of your texts. And it’s cross platform so you can WhatsApp from any OS to another.

2. SwiftKey (£2.99)

SwiftKey is an app worth its price. SwiftKey has the best predictive text, the best auto-correct in over 60 languages and one of its best features is that it learns how you write and therefore adapts to your way of writing. Worry not money-savers, there’s a free trial as well!

3. Facebook (free)

The Facebook app is pretty much everything you want from Facebook site all in one app. You can post, update, chat and play games with your friends. This is a great app if you’re always on the move.

4.  Brightest LED Flashlight (free)

You’ve lost your pen under your desk and you really don’t want to look silly in front of all your co-workers by randomly stretching your arms under your desk, hoping to find your pen. This is where Brightest LED Flashlight comes in handy. With brightness adjust and SOS mode, just in case your stuck in the middle of an island and need help.

5. Worms 2 Armageddon (£2.99)

You need a game not too casual but not where you have to pay too much attention. Look no further than Worms 2 Armageddon. The worms comical speech will undoubtedly make you giggle and the array of weapons are very innovative. But what’s more, you can play with your friends on one phone without too much hassle.

6. Instagram (free)

If there’s a magical moment happening right in front of you, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to whip out your phone, take a picture, edit it a bit and then upload it to all of your social networking sites? The answer is, you don’t have Instagram…

7. TVCatchup (free)

When your flight is delayed and you know you missed that episode of the really important TV series you watch while you were trying to pack, settle down to watch it with TVCatchup, a free service with most Freeview channels available on demand. I’ll leave you to watch that episode now.

8.  Flightradar24 Pro (£1.99)

The poor person who has to pick you up at your flight destination is starting to get worried. It’s been 4 hours since your plane should have landed. But fear not, person who has to pick you up, for you can find where that plane is with no hassle at all. Just whip out your phone, launch Flightradar24 Pro and easily find the plane, why its delayed and when it will arrive. Worry not, there is a free version out there but it can’t do much.

9. Angry Birds (free)

After realising that the plane is going to be another hour before it lands, the person picking you up has to bide his time and what way better is there than to play Angry Birds. Catapult those birds at those pigs and gain revenge at the for stealing your precious eggs.

10. What’s the brand (free)

If you want something to actually get your brain to think but you also want something fun. What’s the brand ticks both boxes and will get guarantee you repeatedly saying “I know that logo…I know that logo…”

For those iPhone users out there, worry not, there will be an iOS apps post in the future.

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5 best Anti-Virus Softwares


The usual answer to computer issues is “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” and this usually does the trick. Please, however, do not use this method on a life support machine.

Most of the time, repeated crashing or lack of control over your computer is the doings of a computer virus. And the answer to this, is Anti-Virus Software. So here we have our 5 best Anti-Virus Softwares (not in any specific order though).

1.BIT DEFENDER ANTI-VIRUS PLUS (£26.05 for 1 PC for 1 year)

Bit defender has won 3 awards for being the best anti-virus software you can buy. Boasting the fastest scanning speed money can buy you. Also, bit defender guarantees no pop-ups on the internet.


2.KASPERSKY ANTI-VIRUS 2013 (£26 for 1 PC for 1 year)

Kaspersky has always been a big name in the league of best anti-virus softwares. Kaspersky scans all emails for viruses regardless of which client you use.


3.AVIRA ANTI-VIRUS PREMIUM (£21.99 for 1 PC for 1 year)

One of the best features of this anti-virus software is its Browser Tracking Blocker. This blocker prevents over 600 companies from recording your web activities. Also, unlike several other anti-virus softwares, Avira prevents update pop-ups while you are watching a movie or playing a game, so as not to disrupt your fun!


4.ESET NOD32 ANTI-VIRUS 6 (£29.99 for 1 PC for 1 year)

ESET is proud of being one of the first companies to introduce ‘advanced resource preservation’. The big words don’t really mean that much except that if you are using a laptop, all unnecessary pop-ups or battery wasting activities will not be completed.


5.NORTON ANTI-VIRUS 2013 (£39.99 for 3 PCs for 1 year)

 Norton takes pride in the fact that it is the only anti-virus software with a 5-layer protection system that detects and destroys threats more accurately and quickly than any other software.


So there you have it, our 5 best anti-virus softwares, that you can’t go wrong with! If however, you don’t really want to splash your cash on a top anti-virus software, you can always get AVG AntiVirus Free 2013.

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently claimed that he had a computer virus that ‘terminated’ a few of his files, claimed it would ‘be back’, and disappeared.

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3D Printing

Yet another technological wonder is 3D Printing. If you have been living under a rock, and missed the hype, 3D printing is available to anyone wanting to print anything. However like most other good things, it comes at a price and unfortunately, quite a hefty one too.

But if you do happen to have a few thousand pounds floating around, a 3D printer is definitely worth buying. The possibilities are endless! You could make clothes, phone cases, toys, furniture and even musical instruments!



       Why buy when you can print?

3D printing is not just for personal use, several brands are starting to move to printing for manufacturing instead of manual labour. However companies that have decided to do this, have cancelled the jobs of their workers so in a way, 3D printing isn’t all that great.

Hospitals have started using 3D printers to replace broken bones. Quite recently, a woman was fitted with a 3D printed jaw because her natural one had been destroyed by disease.

3D printers are amazing no doubt about it but personally, I would wait until the tech advances a bit and the price tag on these machines drop a few thousand.

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Raspberry Pi

If asked “Would you like a Raspberry Pi or a raspberry pie?” most people would raise their eyebrows and begin to question whether or not this person was being serious or not. To all those who would raise their eyebrows, say “both”.

A raspberry pie, although delicious, is dwarfed in uses by the Raspberry Pi, a miniature computer being sold at £16 per unit. Now, I know what you’re thinking,”That sounds like a great deal! I’ll buy one and save myself hundreds!” But be warned, the tiny computer comes without a windows or mac operating system, without much space, and without wifi. However the Pi is perfect if you want to learn more about computers. The pros outweigh the cons of buying one.


  1. Cheap
  2. Easy to learn programming with
  3. Very customisable
  4. Small and compact


  1. Not portable
  2. High demand
  3. Cannot replace your average computer


The Pi was created for the use of easy computer education, but can be used for nearly anything else. Because of it’s HDMI capability and its in-built HDMI port, it could be turned into a interactive gallery, or a cinema.

Although it sounds like something out of the future, the Pi is definitely something to buy.   So what are you waiting for? High demand for the Pi means it is nearly always out of stock, so the earlier you order, the earlier you receive. You will certainly not regret buying this £16 pound technological wonder.


By mdinfotech

Web development? But I spun it as best I could!

When it comes to websites for business, many people decide to make it themselves. Why? “Because it’s easy and cheap and I can make it look however I want it to look like!” They cry. Cheaper, perhaps, but easier? Definitely not. (Unless they just so happen to have an in depth understanding of HTML, CSS and PHP). At MD Info Tech, you can make your website look how you want it to. All you have to do is ask!

Our professional team will create your website down to every tiny detail that you request, whether it’s to change the font or add a picture, we will always be happy to help! We have impressed our clients with our bespoke and creative designs and you can see their case studies on the link below.

We have even created our own CMS (Content Management System) which is a user-friendly and unique system which you can use to customise the website yourself, with no help from us!

Take a look at our website for more details:

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Evolution of technology

Technology has come a long way since the dawn of time but the question is how long and where is it headed? To answer this question we must define technology.

“The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes” Oxford English Dictionary

This stretches back to the time of cave men where using spears was a form of technology but we are here to talk about more recent terms.

Since the invention of the microchip, personal computers are a common sight in most homes everywhere around the world. Some of the first personal computers were the IBM 5100, the Apple ][ and the IBM PC.

But what is the future of computational technology? We have already advanced so far forward with touchscreens, handhelds and now we even have Google Glass. For those who haven’t already heard of it check it out below!

David Patterson, a professor at the University of California, predicts that by 2020, a whole computer would be able to fit onto a single microchip. He also predicts that, if technology continues to advance at the same rate it has done for the past 10 years then a cure for cancer might be a possibility.

But technology isn’t just about computers! Take a look at mobile phones. Only 20 years ago were we walking around with ‘brick’ phones. And now in 2013, phones have become an object which we could only dream of back in the 90’s.

Leave a comment down below to give us some feedback on how we’re doing!

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Life before the digital age

Have you ever wondered what life was like before the digital age? Before computers, tablets, e-readers and other electronic gadgets were invented?

“I don’t spend that much time using electronics,” I hear you say, but on the contrary 80% of adults in the US spend 18 hours of their week on the internet and will probably spend an extra 3 hours on electronics which aren’t connected to the internet.

Life without electronics would mean a whole different life, not just leaving the internet for a few days. Every job nowadays uses electronics. Office workers survive off the use of computers, shop owners need tills and scanners and healthcare centres all require the use of high-tech machinery.

In 2013 if the world was wiped of its technology, we’d be back to square one and we may as well be roaming with dinosaurs again!

Back to the future?

Perhaps you should try going for just one day without electronics and see how long you last?

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